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Welcome to our gaming events page. Below you will find a list of all our upcoming events and info on where and how to sign up.

Saturday Sep. 30, 2023


Bright Lights
Pre-Release Event

Start Time: 12:00PM

Format: Sealed Deck

Entry Fee: $30

Register day of in store

Saturday Oct. 7, 2023


Flames of War

Start Time: 10:00AM

Format: Mid War

Army size: 100 Points

Entry Fee: $20

Weekly Events

Here is a list of our current weekly events.

1st and 3rd Saturday


Infinity Nights

Start Time: 5:00PM

Join us every 1st and 3rd Saturday for some skirmish action set in the future of the G5 nations!

Every Friday


Flesh and Blood
Weekly Armory Events

Start Time: 7:00PM

Join us for some TCG action every Friday and be a part of our weekly Armory Events!

Every Saturday


Disney Lorcana
Weekly League Events

Start Time: 6:00PM

Join us for some TCG action every Saturday and be a part of our weekly League Events!

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